How Much Do Uterine Fibroids Weigh?

The fibroids is a type of tumor and they are very well known as the other types of tumor and more likely the tumors, the fibroids are also very risky and can feel very heavy if it grows too high. Again as the tumors can grow with each and every size and also can grow in a larger piece of muscle, the fibroids are not different from then and like the others it can also grow very heavy. It can have the size of a small graph to the size of small or big watermelons and sometimes also larger than this. Again, in most of the cases connected with uterus there can found more than one tumor or fibroid tumors in uterus. It mainly took place in the uterus and this is why it is also very well known with the name of uterine fibroids. Moreover as it is growing in the uterus of women, in some cases it seems to grow too big and because of its big size the woman looks like she is pregnant of 7 or 9 weeks. So the question comes automatically that how much do uterine fibroids weigh? For answering the question some problems can found as it is almost impossible to measure the perfect weight of the fibroids before taking out but after removing it from the uterus doctors already researched on its weight and the result is very surprising as they found that the weights are varied from 20 pounds to 75 pounds and in some cases more than this. Though it is very hard to believe but the reality is very interesting and this the truth that the weight of a uterine fibroids are very high and it can even cross 75 pounds in some cases if the tumor or the uterine fibroids get in a big size.

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